About Us


We were next door neighbors who bonded over a love of triathlon. The more training and racing we did together, the more we realized that it was really difficult to find cute tri clothes for women.

We could never find coordinated kits that were anything other than block colors or clichéd patterns, often in traditional "girlie" colors of pink or baby blue.

We wanted something cooler.  Something edgier.  Something more functional for women.  Something that was a no-brainer in the dark at 5 a.m. when trying to figure out what top went with what shorts for an early morning training ride.

So after lots of brainstorming (and perhaps a little wine), we decided we could make our own kits. Ones that are functional, stylish, and able to withstand the rigors of training and racing.  As girls, we know where things tend to chafe, how much support is needed where, and where to put the items women like to take with them on long rides and runs. We addressed all these issues in the design of our clothes.

Our mission is to bring women in endurance sports a means of feeling strong and feminine at the same time. We hope you enjoy our line. With all you do in training and life, you deserve to look great!

Happy Training!

Kebby & Steph